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Ricky Mathis is an over night musical sensation- and it seems his fans are a little more eccentric than usual! So its up to Clover, Alex and Sam to save the day!
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Also, unlike Clover, she always puts her studying first but not always missions. It is discovered in the episode "W.O.W." that Sam's maternal ancestors were part of the Sisterhood. Clover and Alex attribute Sam's excellent leadership skills to this connection. Sam is the unofficial leader of the trio.
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Dean Edit. He is an agent from WOOHP like Sam, Clover, and Alex.He first appeared in "Evil Promotion Much?" as their trainer and he was later shown in "Deja Cruise" as Jerry's sidekick for Sam, Alex, and Clover's super spies test.The girls have shown some romantic interest in Dean and he is the only boy that can resist Clover, much to her disdain.
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Clover looks up to the right and sees a security camera. " I think I could find out who did it follow me" She motions us to follow so we did. Clover plugs in the con-pouter and checks the security-camera. " This can't be right," Sam says a bit surprised as she looks at the video.
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14 images (& sounds) of the Totally Spies cast of characters. Pics of the Totally Spies voice actors (Show).
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"No he's watched you through the security cameras on the cities lamp posts, just to make sure you don't get into trouble," Stella explained. Naruto sighed as well Clover as Stella continued, "He showed me the video on how you defeated them one after another, and how you stood up for her while they thought of her as a prize to be won.
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Sam wondered. "Any excuse to dance and I'm in!" Alex said and busted out some moves while Clover clapped. Sam rolled her eyes and went to the penthouse. On the way Clover and Alex said, "Sam no fun, Sam no fun!" Sam got annoyed. In the penthouse they Clover was relaxing in the pool while Sam was reading in a lawn chair. Alex shouted, "Cannon ball!"
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3/31/2009 · Summary: Sam, Alex and Clover decide to room together in their "dream house." Life couldn't get cooler, until they've unwittingly made their home right above an Underground Secret Services Center. To prevent a catastrophic security leak, Jerry, the Center Chief has no choice but to take on Sam, Alex and Clover decide to room together in their "dream house."
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Sam, Clover, and Alex realize that something very strange is going on after the attacks in the Palace of Versailles. Not only were they attacked by a very weird creature whose footprints are extremely odd, but they also soon discover that several students from their trip have also gone missing.